How to share jazz balance

How to Share Jazz Balance? Jazz Balance Share Code 2023

Jazz, a leading telecommunication company in Pakistan, offers a convenient Jazz balance share facility for prepaid users. This service allows customers to share their balance with friends and family, ensuring they can stay connected without worrying about running out of credit. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of jazz balance share code, providing step-by-step instructions and valuable tips to make the process hassle-free.

The Importance of Jazz Balance Sharing

Maintaining communication with our loved ones is crucial in today’s connected world. However, running out of balance at inconvenient times is not uncommon. This is where Jazz balance sharing comes to the rescue. If you’re a prepaid user, this facility ensures you can receive a balance from friends or family members, allowing you to stay connected without interruption.

Understanding the Jazz Balance Share Code

To initiate a balance sharing transaction on the Jazz network, it’s essential to understand the Jazz balance share code. By dialing a specific code, you can effortlessly transfer the balance to another Jazz user. The balance share code jazz follows a specific format, which we will discuss in detail in the subsequent sections.

How to Share Jazz Balance?

Sharing Jazz balance is a simple process. By following the steps outlined below, you can quickly transfer the balance to any Jazz user:

Step 1: Dial *100* recipient’s number * amount# from your Jazz SIM. To clarify, here is an example for you: *100*<030XXXXXXXX>*60#

Step 2: Press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.

Step 3: Wait for the transaction confirmation message.

Note: The maximum transaction limit is Rs 500, and the minimum transaction limit is Rs 15. It is also important to note that the offer charge per share is approximately Rs. 4.77. 

Tips for Successful Jazz Balance Sharing

To ensure a smooth and successful Jazz balance sharing experience, consider the following tips:

  1. Double-check the recipient’s number: Before initiating the balance transfer, verify the recipient’s number to avoid any errors or unintended transfers.
  2. Sufficient balance: Make sure you have enough balance in your account to cover the amount you wish to share. Insufficient balance may result in a failed transaction.
  3. Confirmation message: After initiating the balance transfer, wait for the transaction confirmation message from Jazz. This message will confirm the completion of the transfer.
  4. Secure your PIN: Protect your Jazz SIM card and balance by keeping your PIN secure. Avoid sharing your PIN with anyone to prevent unauthorized balance transfers.

Sharing Jazz Balance between Jazz and Warid Numbers

Jazz and Warid have merged to provide seamless services to their customers. If you wish to share your Jazz balance with a Warid number or vice versa, follow these steps:

Jazz to Warid Balance Share

Step 1: Dial *100*<030XXXXXXXX>*amount# from your Jazz SIM. Here is an example: *100*<030XXXXXXXX>*60#

Step 2: Press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.

Step 3: Wait for the transaction confirmation message.

Warid to Jazz Balance Share

Step 1: Go to the Message option on your Warid SIM.

Step 2: Type the desired number (0300XXXXXXX), (amount) 100.

Step 3: Send the message to 2424.

Step 4: Wait for the transaction confirmation message.

How to Share Jazz Balance from Jazz World App?

To conveniently send credit to another Jazz user, the Jazz World app is recommended. It offers a wider range of credit options compared to the traditional Jazz Share service.

Steps to use the Jazz World app: The following steps outline the process of sharing balance through the app:

Step 1: Open the Jazz World app.

Step 2: Access the “More” option within the app.

Step 3: Look for the “Balance Share” option located at the bottom.

Step 4: Enter the mobile numbers of the sender and receiver.

Step 5: Specify the amount of credit to be sent.

Step 6: Confirm the transaction. g. The balance has been successfully shared.

By following these steps, users can easily send a balance to another Jazz user using the Jazz World app.

It’s worth noting that the app provides a more extensive range of credit amounts compared to the traditional Jazz Share service. This allows users to send varying amounts of credit ranging from PKR 15 to PKR 750.

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Important Terms and Conditions

While utilizing the Jazz balance sharing service, it’s crucial to be aware of the following terms and conditions:

  1. General terms and conditions: These additional terms and conditions supplement the general terms and conditions approved by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and agreed upon by the customer during the activation of their connection or SIM.
  2. Price and offer changes: Jazz reserves the right to set, change, or withdraw the price or rate of any offer, package, or bundle at any time. Customers affected by such changes will be notified in accordance with PTA regulations.
  3. Applicable taxes: The price or charges of each offer, package, or bundle are subject to all applicable taxes, regardless of the region in which the service is activated or availed.
  4. Charging system and data usage: The charging system reserves a portion of available data volume in megabytes (MB) against accessing applications or websites. Opening multiple applications or websites simultaneously may deplete the available data volume and result in charging based on the base rate of the package.
  5. Rounding up of balance and recharge: The amount of balance and recharge required for bundles may be rounded up to the nearest whole number for convenience.
  6. Misuse of service: Jazz and Warid will not be held responsible for misuse or unauthorized use of the balance sharing service.
  7. Contact information: For any queries, questions, complaints, or additional requirements, customers can reach out to Jazz via email at


Jazz’s balance-sharing facility provides a convenient communication solution with your loved ones. For jazz prepaid users, sharing Jazz balance is simple and accessible. Following the instructions and codes, you can Share jazz balance effortlessly, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

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