Ozark Season 5

Ozark Season 5 Release Date, Renewal Status, Storyline, And More

Ozark, the gripping drama/thriller series on Netflix, captivated audiences since its debut in 2017. Over the course of four seasons, the show has garnered a dedicated fan base. In this article, we will delve into the latest updates on Ozark Season 5, including its renewal status, the anticipated plot, the talented cast members, and more.

Is Ozark Season 5 Renewed or Canceled?

Despite fans’ hopes for a fifth season of Ozark, the unfortunate news is that Season 4 Part 2 marked the end of the series. Multiple sources within the show’s production team confirmed that Season 4 concludes the story. To emphasize this point, Netflix released a touching farewell video from the staff. While this may disappoint viewers, it also means the creators had the opportunity to craft a satisfying conclusion to the narrative.

Ozark Season 5 Overview

Series Name: Ozark Season 5
Total Seasons: 4
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Creators:  Bill Dubuque, Mark Williams
Stars:  Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz
IMDb Ratings:
Country of origin:  United States
Official Site: Netflix
Language: English
Season 1 Release Date: Release date July 21, 2017 (United Kingdom)
Season 5 Release Date: Canceled

What will be the Storyline of Ozark Season 5?

Although Ozark Season 5 will not be produced, it is interesting to explore what the storyline could have been based on the insights shared by Jason Bateman and Chris Mundy, the actor and showrunner, respectively.

Jason Bateman speculated that the Byrde family might have tested Wendy’s theory by venturing to Chicago, aiming to leverage their acquired political capital to help others. However, their past hubris and arrogance would likely continue to hinder their progress. Bateman suggested that while they might have become wiser, their journey toward better decision-making would have been challenged by their inherent flaws. The theme of humility guiding them toward redemption emerged, but it was suggested that they hadn’t quite reached that point yet.

Chris Mundy had a different perspective, suggesting that the Byrdes would be burdened by a curse despite having achieved their goals. This implied that their criminal past would continue to haunt them, leading to a challenging future.

Considering these insights, Ozark Season 5 could have explored the Byrde family’s struggle to balance their criminal activities with their desire to do good. They might have faced obstacles and moral dilemmas as they attempted to navigate the treacherous world they had created for themselves. The audience could have witnessed their continued efforts to avoid the law while neutralizing threats that could expose them. Additionally, the show might have explored the growth of Charlotte and Jonah as they gradually became more involved in the family’s money-laundering business, further complicating their lives.

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Ozark Season 5 Cast Members 

The cast of Ozark played a significant role in bringing the characters to life. Here are the key cast members who made the series unforgettable:

  • Jason Bateman (Marty Byrde): Bateman portrayed Marty Byrde, the head of the Byrde family, who managed various businesses in the Ozarks as fronts for money laundering. Bateman’s versatile acting skills, previously seen in shows like “Arrested Development” and films like “Game Night” and “Horrible Bosses,” added depth to Marty’s character.
  • Laura Linney (Wendy Byrde): Linney delivered a compelling performance as Wendy Byrde, the troubled matriarch of the Byrde family. Her transformation throughout Season 4 showcased her versatility as an actress, with notable roles in movies such as “The Truman Show” and “Mystic River.”
  • Skylar Gaertner (Jonah Byrde): Gaertner portrayed Jonah Byrde, a character who embodied unwavering curiosity and sharp intellect within the family’s criminal lifestyle. Previously seen in shows like “Daredevil” and films like “The Ticket” and “I Smile Back,” Gaertner’s portrayal added depth to Jonah’s role.
  • Sofia Hublitz (Charlotte Byrde): Hublitz’s portrayal of Charlotte Byrde showcased the character’s evolution as she became increasingly involved in the family’s money-laundering endeavors. Known for her roles in movies like “Ida Red” and “What Breaks The Ice,” Hublitz brought complexity and depth to her character.
  • Julia Garner (Ruth Langmore): Garner’s compelling performance as Ruth Langmore earned her two Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Actress. Alongside her notable roles in productions like “The Americans,” “The Assistant,” and Netflix’s “Inventing Anna,” Garner’s portrayal added depth and complexity to the character.

Ozark Season 5 Release Date

Ozark Season 5 Release Date

Unfortunately, there will be no release date for Ozark Season 5, as the show has officially concluded with Season 4 Part 2. The decision to end the series was made by Netflix and the creators, and it was announced to the viewers in 2020. This news might disappoint fans who were eagerly anticipating the next season, but it also allows them to appreciate the four seasons that have already been released.

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Ozark Season 5 Trailer

Since Ozark Season 5 will not be produced, there won’t be an official trailer for the season. The decision to conclude the series with Season 4 Part 2 means that fans won’t have the opportunity to get a glimpse of what could have unfolded in the next season. But you can still enjoy last season’s Trailer Bellow.

What are the Ratings for Ozark Drama Series?

Ozark, the popular Netflix series, has received positive ratings from both audiences and critics on various platforms, including Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. On Rotten Tomatoes Ratings, the show has garnered a strong rating of 85% out of 100%. On IMDb Ratings, Ozark has enjoyed a solid rating of 8.5 out of 10. The high ratings on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb serve as a testament to the show’s quality, engaging plotlines, and the exceptional work of the cast and crew involved.


Although Ozark Season 5 won’t be happening, fans can cherish the four seasons that captivated audiences worldwide. The show’s conclusion in Season 4 Part 2 provided a fitting end to the Byrde family’s thrilling journey. Despite the disappointment, the talented cast, gripping plotlines, and memorable characters will continue to resonate with viewers long after the series.


Is Ozark Season 5 happening?

No, Ozark Season 5 will not be happening. The series concluded with Season 4 Part 2, and there are no plans for further seasons.

Why was Ozark Season 5 canceled?

The decision to end Ozark with Season 4 Part 2 was made by Netflix and the creators of the show. The specific reasons for the cancellation have not been disclosed, but it is not uncommon for TV series to conclude after a certain number of seasons to provide a satisfying ending to the story.

How many episodes can we expect in season 5?

As mentioned earlier, Ozark Season 5 will not be produced, and the series concluded with Season 4 Part 2. Therefore, there will not be any new episodes beyond those already released in Season 4.

How many seasons of Ozark are there?

Ozark consists of 4 seasons. Season 1 premiered in 2017, Season 2 in 2018, Season 3 in 2020, and the final season, Season 4, was released in two parts, with Part 1 in 2022 and Part 2 concluding the series.

Where can I watch Ozark?

Ozark is a Netflix original series, so it is exclusively available for streaming on Netflix. To watch the show, you will need a Netflix subscription.

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