Universities Without IELTS in Malta 2023

Universities Without IELTS in Malta 2023 (Study in Malta)

In recent years, Malta has captured the attention of many individuals worldwide as a desirable destination for higher education. International students have increasingly included Malta in their list of preferred study destinations. Discover the pathway to Study in Malta Universities Without IELTS (2023), where this small European nation presents a remarkable opportunity. Boasting easy admissions, affordability, and convenient access to other EU countries, Malta, as a Schengen country, even offers travel prospects.

Why Choose Malta?

Malta’s allure extends beyond academia, with the introduction of Residency and Digital Nomad programs. Enrolling in these programs allows you to be eligible for Permanent Residency after three years. Malta opens doors to promising career prospects, making it an attractive choice for aspiring learners. Begin planning your educational journey to Malta today. This comprehensive guide provides essential insights.

List of Universities for Studying in Malta Without IELTS (2023)

The following universities in Malta welcome students without the requirement of IELTS:

  1. American University of Malta
  2. Global College Malta
  3. The Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology
  4. The London School of Commerce Malta
  5. Learnkey Malta
  6. University of Malta

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Why Study in Malta?

Malta stands out as a small EU country that offers a less competitive educational landscape compared to other EU counterparts like Germany, France, Hungary, and Sweden. Besides, the cost of living and studying in Malta is notably economical. English serves as the official national language, facilitating seamless communication for international students. Moreover, Malta’s status as a Schengen country allows for convenient travel opportunities across Europe.

Studying in Malta Without IELTS

Maltese universities embrace various alternatives to the IELTS, including the Duolingo Test, TOEFL, and English Language Proficiency exams. Students from English-speaking countries may not require IELTS scores.

Students who have completed their education at English medium institutions can substitute their IELTS scores with an “English Language Proficiency” certificate, simplifying the application process.

Exploring the Education Landscape in Malta

Malta offers a range of public and private universities for prospective students:

Public Universities:

  • University of Malta

Private Universities:

  • London School of Commerce, Valletta
  • American University of Malta, Cospicua
  • Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Victoria
  • European Graduate School, Valletta
  • Global College Malta, SmartCity, Kalkara
  • Triagon Academy, Valletta
  • SMC Business School, Birkirkara, Malta

Researching university admission requirements, application deadlines, and available scholarships is vital. Malta is designed to be a welcoming haven for international students, promising an uncomplicated journey.

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Empowerment through Malta Further & Higher Education Authority

For in-depth insights into Malta’s higher education landscape, accredited programs, and universities, explore the official website of the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority.

Embark on Top Programs in Malta

  • Malta Residency Program
  • Malta Digital Nomad Visa


Studying in Malta without the burden of IELTS requirements is an appealing prospect for international students. Malta’s unique blend of academic excellence, affordability, and an enriching cultural experience makes it an excellent choice. As you plan your educational journey, keep this comprehensive guide handy to navigate your way toward a promising future in Malta.

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