Worthless Regression Season 2 Release Date

Worthless Regression Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, And More

Worthless Regression Season 2, also known as Chapter 63, is the next installment of the popular Korean Manhwa series. Fans of this gripping story are eagerly awaiting its release in English. After the successful conclusion of Season 1, viewers are excited to continue the journey of Lee Sungmin as he explores a new world and strives for a second chance at life. In this article, we will delve into the release date, storyline, and other essential information regarding Worthless Regression Season 2.

“Worthless Regression”: What is it about? 

Worthless Regression follows the transformative life of Lee Sungmin, whose world takes a drastic turn when he finds himself transported to another realm where he becomes insignificant. Despite his best efforts, he fails to change his circumstances and eventually meets his demise. However, fate grants him a unique opportunity to start anew in a different world by traveling back in time and reliving his life.

Worthless Regression Season 2 Overview

Series Name:  Worthless Regression Season 2
Number of Seasons:  2
Number of Chapters:  62 (Season 1)
Country of Origin:  Korea
Original Language:  Korean
Available Language:  Korean (English translation forthcoming)
Release Date: 1st June 2023

Worthless Regression Chapter 62 Overview

Chapter 62 of Worthless Regression features the intense final showdown between Lee Sungmin and Dopplegangler. Despite Dopplegangler’s decision to hold back some of Wiji Heyeon’s martial arts techniques, Lee Sungmin finds himself in disarray as he witnesses the state of his training. Though these trials strengthen him mentally, Sungmin faces a crucial test that forces him to apply the lessons he has learned thus far. Tragically, Chapter 62 concludes with devastating consequences for Sungmin.

Worthless Regression Season 2 Release Date 

Worthless Regression Season 2, also known as Chapter 63, officially began on June 1, 2023, but currently, it is only available in the Korean language. Fans eagerly awaiting the English translation of Chapter 63 will need to exercise patience. The release date for the English version has not been specified in the article, but it is anticipated to be available sometime in 2023.

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The Storyline of Worthless Regression Chapter 63

While limited information is available regarding the storyline of Worthless Regression Chapter 63, viewers can expect intriguing new training arcs and a deeper exploration of Lee Sungmin’s resilient character. This chapter will shed light on Sungmin’s remarkable journey through torture and reveal the strength of his unwavering spirit. As South Korean viewers are currently enjoying these experiences, the global audience eagerly awaits the opportunity to immerse themselves in this authentic story once it is available in English.

Where to Read Worthless Regression Season 2

If you are interested in reading Worthless Regression Season 2 online, it has already been released in the Korean language and is accessible through the official site and Korean webcomic apps. The same publisher’s official site and app will also provide access to Chapter 63 when it becomes available for online reading.

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Worthless Regression Season 2 is highly anticipated among fans of the Korean Manhwa series. While the release date for the English translation of Chapter 63 has not been specified, fans can expect it to become available sometime in 2023. Stay tuned for more updates as the thrilling journey of Lee Sungmin continues in Season 2 of Worthless Regression.


Is Worthless Regression worth reading?

Yes, “Worthless Regression” is definitely worth reading. With its captivating storyline, intriguing characters, and unexpected twists, this Korean Manhwa series offers a unique and immersive reading experience. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, adventure, or emotional journeys, “Worthless Regression” is sure to leave a lasting impression.

What is the Review of Worthless Regression?

Worthless Regression has received positive reviews for its engaging plot, well-developed characters, and intricate world-building. Readers have praised the series for its ability to evoke emotions and keep them hooked with its unpredictable story arcs. Read more about worthless regression manhua review

Is Worthless Regression Season 2 available in English?

No, as of now, Worthless Regression Season 2 or Chapter 63 is not available in English. Although it has been released in South Korea, the English translation is yet to be released.

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