ZeroZeroZero Season 2

ZeroZeroZero Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and More

ZeroZeroZero, the gripping Italian crime drama TV series, captivated audiences with its intense storytelling and compelling characters. Conceived by Stefano Sollima, alongside Leonardo Fasoli and Mauricio Katz, ZeroZeroZero is a critically acclaimed TV series available on Amazon Prime Video and Sky Atlantic+. The show premiered on February 14, 2020, and is based on Roberto Saviano’s book of the same name. Saviano’s book delves into the intricate web of illegal drug trafficking across continents, providing a rich source of inspiration for the series. After the success of its first season, fans have been eagerly awaiting news about a potential second season.

In this article, we will delve into the details of ZeroZeroZero Season 2, including its release date, cast members, episodes, trailer, and more.

A Brief Overview of ZeroZeroZero 

TV Series Name: ZeroZeroZero
Total No. of Seasons: 1
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
Official Release Date:  February 4, 2021 (United Kingdom)
Season 2 Release Date: Not Confirmed
Status: Pending
Country: Italy
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Wolof
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

What is ZeroZeroZero TV Series About? 

The series revolves around the transport and distribution of cocaine, shining a light on the various individuals and organizations involved in this dangerous underworld. With a focus on realism and authenticity, ZeroZeroZero offers a gritty and immersive experience, showcasing the inner workings of drug cartels, law enforcement agencies, and the human stories caught in between.

As viewers follow the characters through the lush landscapes of Latin America, the bustling streets of Europe, and the intense negotiations in the United States, they are treated to a rich tapestry of interconnected narratives that reveal the moral complexities and harsh realities of the global drug trade.

ZeroZeroZero Season 2 Release Date: When Can We Expect It? 

Unfortunately, it’s disheartening news for fans as ZeroZeroZero is considered a limited standalone series. In an interview, the series creator, Stefano Sollima, confirmed that there won’t be a second season. The initial eight-episode miniseries was envisioned as a complete story, bringing the series to a conclusion. As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date of ZeroZeroZero Season 2.

The Cast of ZeroZeroZero Season 2 

In ZeroZeroZero Season 2, viewers can expect to see a talented ensemble cast reprising their roles, bringing their characters to life once again. While there hasn’t been an official confirmation from the network regarding the cast of the second season, based on the first season, we can anticipate the return of several key actors. Here are some of the cast members who may make an appearance in ZeroZeroZero Season 2:

  1. Andrea Riseborough as Emma Lynwood: Riseborough delivers a compelling performance as Emma Lynwood, a member of the Lynwood family involved in the drug trade. Her portrayal showcases the complexity and resilience of her character.
  2. Dane DeHaan as Chris Lynwood: DeHaan’s portrayal of Chris Lynwood, Emma’s brother, brings depth to the character. He captures the internal struggles and conflicts faced by Chris as he grapples with his family’s illicit business.
  3. Harold Torres as Manuel Quinteras: Torres delivers a powerful performance as Manuel Quinteras, a Mexican army officer entangled in the drug trade. His character’s journey is filled with tension and moral dilemmas.
  4. Giuseppe De Domenico as Stefano La Piana: De Domenico brings charisma and intensity to his role as Stefano La Piana, a member of a Calabrian crime family. His portrayal highlights the complexities and power dynamics within the criminal underworld.
  5. Adriano Chiaramida as Don Damiano “Minu” La Piana: Chiaramida delivers a captivating performance as the seasoned and enigmatic Don Damiano “Minu” La Piana. He brings a sense of authority and calculated cunning to his character.
  6. Gabriel Byrne as Edward Lynwood: Byrne’s portrayal of Edward Lynwood, the head of the Lynwood family, showcases his acting prowess. He brings gravitas and a commanding presence to the role.
  7. Claudia Pineda as Chiquitita: Pineda portrays Chiquitita, Diego’s wife, with authenticity and emotional depth. Her character adds a layer of humanity and vulnerability to the narrative.
  8. Tchéky Karyo as François Salvage: Karyo’s performance as François Salvage, a seasoned French intelligence agent, brings a sense of intrigue and mystery to the series. His character’s involvement adds an additional layer of complexity to the storyline.
  9. Noé Hernández as Varas: Noé Hernández portrays the character of Varas. His performance brings depth to Varas, showcasing the complexities of his involvement in the drug trade.
  10. Tchéky Karyo as François Salvage: Tchéky Karyo’s portrayal of François Salvage, a seasoned French intelligence agent, adds intrigue and mystery to the series. His character’s involvement adds an additional layer of complexity to the storyline.
  11. Francesco Colella as Italo Curtiga: Francesco Colella brings his talent to the role of Italo Curtiga, a character whose presence adds tension and uncertainty to the narrative.
  12. Diego Cataño as Chino: Diego Cataño delivers a compelling performance as Chino, a key figure within the drug trade. His portrayal captures Chino’s complexities and the impact of his actions on the overall story.
  13. Norman Delgadillo as Diego: Norman Delgadillo portrays the character of Diego, bringing authenticity and depth to his role. Diego’s presence in the narrative adds layers of conflict and intrigue.
  14. Nika Perrone as Lucia: Nika Perrone takes on the role of Lucia, adding emotional depth and complexity to her character’s journey. Her performance contributes to the overall narrative arc.
  15. Gabriel Byrne as Edward Lynwood: Gabriel Byrne’s portrayal of Edward Lynwood, the head of the Lynwood family, is powerful and commanding. He brings a sense of authority and gravitas to his character.
  16. Claudia Pineda as Chiquitita: Claudia Pineda’s portrayal of Chiquitita, Diego’s wife, adds an emotional touch to the story. Her character’s presence brings a unique dynamic to the narrative.
  17. Érick Israel Consuelo as Moko: Érick Israel Consuelo returns as Moko, a character whose role in the series contributes to the intricate web of relationships and conflicts.
  18. Jesús Lozano as Gordo: Jesús Lozano delivers a strong performance as Gordo, showcasing the complexities and challenges faced by his character.
  19. José Salof as Indio: José Salof brings depth to the role of Indio, a character with a significant impact on the unfolding events. His performance adds tension and suspense to the storyline.
  20. Flavio Medina as Jacinto Leyra: Flavio Medina portrays Jacinto Leyra, a character whose presence adds layers of intrigue and danger to the narrative.
  21. Víctor Huggo Martin as Enrique Leyra: Víctor Huggo Martin delivers a compelling performance as Enrique Leyra, bringing authenticity and complexity to his character’s journey.
  22. Seydina Baldé as Omar Gamby: Seydina Baldé portrays Omar Gamby, adding depth and complexity to the series. His character’s arc contributes to the overall narrative tension.
  23. Nabiha Akkari as Amina: Nabiha Akkari takes on the role of Amina, a character who brings her unique perspective and impact to the story.

The collective talent of these cast members contributes to the immersive and captivating storytelling of ZeroZeroZero Season 2. Each actor’s portrayal adds layers of complexity and authenticity to their respective characters, making the series a compelling watch.

The Storyline of ZeroZeroZero Season 2

While the second season of ZeroZeroZero was not officially produced, there were speculations and discussions about the potential storyline and character developments that could have unfolded if the series had continued. Although these are hypothetical scenarios, they offer insights into what could have been explored in ZeroZeroZero Season 2.

Emma Lynwood’s Journey to Becoming the Don 

Andrea Riseborough, who portrayed Emma Lynwood, expressed her interest in seeing her character evolve into a powerful figure within the drug trade. In Season 2, viewers could have witnessed Emma’s transformation as she navigated the challenges and risks involved in climbing the criminal hierarchy. Her journey may have delved into the complexities of power, respect, and the sacrifices she would have had to make to establish herself as a formidable force.

Continued Struggles of the Lynwood Family 

The Lynwood family, headed by Gabriel Byrne’s character Edward Lynwood, faced numerous obstacles and internal conflicts in the first season. Season 2 could have explored the ongoing struggles within the family as they dealt with external threats, shifting alliances, and the consequences of their actions. The dynamics between Edward, Emma, and Chris could have further developed, showcasing the intricate relationships and tensions that arise in a high-stakes criminal enterprise.

Expansion of the Drug Trade 

ZeroZeroZero Season 1 highlighted the international nature of the drug trade, with storylines set in Mexico, Italy, Africa, and beyond. In Season 2, the narrative could have expanded further, exploring new territories and introducing additional characters from different parts of the world. This expansion would have allowed for the exploration of diverse criminal networks, power struggles, and the interconnectedness of the global drug trade.

New Challenges and Rivals 

With the drug trade being a constant battleground, ZeroZeroZero Season 2 might have introduced new adversaries and challenges for the characters. Whether it’s rival criminal organizations, law enforcement agencies, or internal power struggles within existing groups, the second season could have introduced compelling antagonists that tested the protagonists’ resolve and forced them to adapt to changing circumstances.

Themes of Power, Respect, and Identity

ZeroZeroZero Season 1 delved into themes of power dynamics, identity, and the consequences of the characters’ choices. Season 2 could have continued exploring these themes, delving deeper into the moral dilemmas faced by the characters and the impact of their actions on their personal lives. The series might have continued to shed light on the paradoxical nature of the drug trade and the far-reaching effects it has on various aspects of society.

It’s important to note that these possibilities are speculative and based on the potential directions the series could have taken. As ZeroZeroZero Season 2 was not produced, the actual storyline and character developments remain open to imagination and interpretation.

ZeroZeroZero Season 2 Trailer 

As of now, no official updates or trailers have been released for ZeroZeroZero Season 2. While fans eagerly await a glimpse of the upcoming season, they can revisit the trailer for the first season to relive the excitement and intrigue that awaits them in the world of ZeroZeroZero.

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The Episode List of ZeroZeroZero 

For those unfamiliar with the first season or those who wish to revisit it, here is the list of episodes from ZeroZeroZero:

  1. Episode 1: The Shipment
  2. Episode 2: Tampico Skies
  3. Episode 3: Miranda
  4. Episode 4: Transshipment
  5. Episode 5: Sharia
  6. Episode 6: En el Mismo Camino
  7. Episode 7: Family
  8. Episode 8: Same Blood

Each episode unfolds with suspense, drama, and an exploration of the intricate web of drug trafficking.

Similar Shows to ZeroZeroZero 

If you enjoyed ZeroZeroZero and are looking for similar TV shows to quench your thirst for crime dramas, here are some recommendations:

  1. Narcos
  2. Gomorrah
  3. El Chapo
  4. Queen of the South
  5. Cocaine Coast
  6. Somos
  7. Romanzo Criminale

These shows share thematic elements, such as exploring the world of organized crime, drug trafficking, and the consequences faced by those involved.


ZeroZeroZero Season 2 may not be in the cards, but the impact of this gripping crime drama series will continue to resonate with viewers. With its intense storytelling, exceptional performances, and exploration of the dark world of drug trafficking, ZeroZeroZero has earned its place as a standout series. Fans can relish the first season on Amazon Prime Video while reminiscing about the unforgettable characters and their journeys. Though the journey may have reached its conclusion, the impact of ZeroZeroZero will continue to captivate and intrigue audiences for years to come.


Where to Watch ZeroZeroZero Online?

For those who haven’t yet experienced the gripping intensity of ZeroZeroZero, the first season is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Given that the series has been available on this platform, it is likely that the second season will also be made available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Fans can look forward to immersing themselves in the thrilling world of ZeroZeroZero once again.

Is ZeroZeroZero Worth Watching? 

ZeroZeroZero is an underrated gem in the world of web series. If you have an inclination toward crime dramas, this series is definitely worth your time. With its intense storytelling, strong performances, and thought-provoking themes, ZeroZeroZero has received positive responses from both audiences and critics. It holds an average rating of 8.1/10 on IMDb and a 94% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The series offers a unique perspective on the drug trade, delving into the complex relationships, motivations, and consequences surrounding it.

Will There Be a Season 3 of ZeroZeroZero? 

Regrettably, ZeroZeroZero has officially concluded after its first season. As a limited standalone series, there are no plans for a second season, let alone a third season. While fans may be disappointed by this news, the series has left a lasting impact with its engaging storyline and memorable characters.

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