How to Make Your WOW Internet Faster

How to Make Your WOW Internet Faster?

It’s not wrong to believe that having a speedy internet connection is more than essential in today’s time. No matter where you are in the world, everything from daily communication, education, keeping up with worldly affairs, and various other things typically rely on a speedy internet connection.

This is why the internet which once was a luxury, is now a necessity. The internet has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. In fact, it has very much changed the traditional form of getting an education. Moreover, now that everything and everyone is well-connected, it has made things more accessible and convenient.

The bottom line is that we all need the internet for various reasons. But, not just the internet, we need a fast enough internet connection to help us carry out our daily chores. We do experience slow internet every once in a while, but can you speed it up?

Well, we have got good news for WOW Internet users. In case, your WOW Internet speed feels sluggish, you might just be able to make your WOW Internet faster. In this article, we will be sharing how you can make your WOW Internet speed faster!

How Can I Fix My WOW Internet?

WOW is a growing ISP in the U.S., with 4.7 million subscribers in its 6 service states. In case, you were unaware until now, WOW uses hybrid fiber-coaxial cable for its internet services

Although WOW coverage is small, it offers its subscribers with high-end equipment that is more than capable of delivering fast wireless connections to the various devices one has at home. You can always use your own equipment for WOW Internet plans, or use WOW’s equipment chosen by its professionals.

Just to be on the safe side, WOW Internet only supports modems that are DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 compatible and they offer up-to-date technology. However, there will be certain days when your WOW Internet might come across connectivity problems such as a drop in connection or slow speeds overall. This may or may not have anything to do with your own equipment or WOW’s equipment.

Most of the time, connectivity issues are at the user’s end, and they are rather easy to resolve. Unless there’s a major outage, we have written a guide that should help speed up your WOW Internet speed. Let’s see how you can optimize your WOW Internet to make it run faster and get rid of buffer time!

Perform Some Speed Tests

You should have all the facts before making any changes to your WOW Internet network. One of the best ways to get there is to use one of the many free online tools available to do speed tests and identify any bottlenecks in your WOW Internet.

With speed tests, you can see the latency, upload, and download rates of your WOW internet connection. It’s a wonderful tool for gauging the quality of your connection in different rooms of your house.

First, check your download and upload speeds. You can get a general idea of how well your WOW Internet speeds hold up by running multiple tests at once from the various locations in your home where you plan to work. There may be room for improvement if the speeds you experience in a room are less than half of what you get when connected at close range.

Keep Your Router at a High and Centralized Location

It’s vital to put your router in the optimal spot in your house. If you put your router in a remote part of your home, the signal may be weak or nonexistent in other areas.

Your WOW Internet router and modem should be placed near the middle of your home, in a well-visited area with minimal obstructions such as walls, pillars, or electronic devices. The greater the number of barriers between your router and your device, the higher the probability of signal disruption.

You can also use an open shelf or a small wooden wall bracket to store your Wi-Fi router. With proper placement, your WOW Internet signals should be able to easily penetrate any obstructions in their path.

Now, if you want to use your own Wi-Fi router for your WOW Internet plan, you must make sure it’s up-to-date and comes from a reputable company. Why? Because this is important for maintaining a secure home network and keeping your personal information safe.

However, if you would rather use WOW equipment, but have any concerns or questions about them, feel free to contact WOW Customer Service, as the staff is highly professional.

Update Your Router Firmware and Network Drivers

The functionality and performance of your devices rely on the device drivers and firmware you install. Unfortunately, most routers’ factory-installed firmware and drivers for Wi-Fi and Ethernet adapters are neither optimized nor bug-free. If you’re experiencing performance issues, it may be time to update your software or drivers.

Follow these steps to reset your driver:

  • If you are using Windows, go to Device Manager
  • Select the device category
  • Then select ‘Update Driver’
  • if Windows is unable to locate a suitable one, check the manufacturer’s website for updated drivers
  • Search for your network adapters name
  • Click the ‘Update’ option

Moreover, you can also update your router’s firmware by following the instruction mentioned in the router’s user manual—

  • Access your router’s web interface from your browser
  • Sign into your router’s interface with an admin username and password
  • Find the ‘Update’ button and click on it
  • The router may take a couple of minutes to update itself

Disconnect Any Other Device Connected to Your Network

One obvious benefit of disconnecting unused wireless devices from your network is that they are no longer using your available bandwidth. If you have smart home devices connected to your WOW Internet network, they are eating a good amount of the overall bandwidth.

Here are some smart devices that use a lot of bandwidth:

  • Smart cameras
  • Smart speaker
  • Smart doorbells
  • Smart kitchen appliances
  • Smart thermostats

You can also easily do this by turning off the device or disabling the Wi-Fi connection on your device. There is, however, an additional benefit to this. Each device on your WOW Internet network must periodically transmit data to the router.

If you’re a long way from the router, this information can muddy your signal and slow down your connection. Therefore, if you want to enhance your WOW Internet speed, turning off other devices will reduce the amount of time spent resending data.

Connect with an Ethernet Cable Instead of Wirelessly

Even though it’s inconvenient, you can connect your computer or laptop directly to your WOW Internet network by using the Ethernet connector. The maximum data transfer rate on a Cat 5e cable is 1 Gbps, which is roughly twice as fast as a 2.4 GHz connection under optimal conditions.

Ethernet cables offer superior speeds and can help you avoid interference and distance restrictions in your network. An Ethernet cable’s maximum length before speeds degrade is 300 feet.

Wi-Fi connection speeds are also subject to limitations of Wi-Fi network protocols and the capability of the device on the network. If you are using WOW Internet Whole-Home Wi-Fi equipment, then it can support a maximum speed of up to 900 Mbps. However, WOW Internet’s 1.2 Gig speeds may require a direct Ethernet connection to get maximum internet speed.

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Inspect Your Wiring

The cable that connects your router to a switch, phone jack, or computer is an often-overlooked potential bottleneck that can slow down or disrupt your network. It may be necessary to replace aging ADSL and Ethernet cables (and possibly switches) to determine if this is the cause of the problem.

If you have free-roaming pets that have chewed through wires, you will need to either replace the wires or install a deterrent (bitter apple spray is a safe and effective barrier). If you can see that your wiring is damaged, crimping may be able to save your cable.

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Wrapping Up

Well, there you go!

It’s important to find a suitable WOW Internet plan that fits your needs and interests. Moreover, it’s as important to put your router in a more accessible spot, away from other electronics, mirrors, and metal utensils.

Wherever possible, stick with cable connections and keep the firmware on all of your networking gear up to date. If that doesn’t work, you should consider getting a new router and modem to improve your WOW Internet speeds.

If however, you still encounter sluggish WOW Internet speeds, call 844-343-1373 today, and a WOW representative shall assist you in every possible way.

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